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Don Mihalik

Donald Mihalik would be a card-carrying member of that club if it were comprised of real estate professionals with a substantial amount of experience through thick and thin, up markets and some of the worst downturns ever. Mihalik has been in the real estate industry for so long that he can confidently claim involvement in at least three major economic cycles. The vast majority of real estate brokers fail when the going gets tough and the market shrinks significantly in terms of potential. Instead, Mihalik's perseverance has given him the unique ability to be able to see far into the future, as he compares present situations to past experience and has a more in-depth understanding of what to anticipate with changes.

Don Mihalik is a Realtor selling agent for the Lakewood Ranch Communities area, where he meets and guides potential new homebuyers through the various options and homes for sale in the area, as well as locating the best-matching options for their needs based on what the local market currently provides. However, this was not Donald Mihalik's first real estate transaction. His expertise dates back even to the depths of the crisis, when most people were attempting to offload real estate to avoid foreclosure.

Mihalik, like many of his age, began his job training in a community college, attending Brookdale Community College and earning an associate degree in 1992. Mihalik was then able to move to Rowan University, where he completed his four-year undergraduate education with a bachelor's degree in science. Donald Mihalik would return to school and get further training in the future, but he was prepared to launch his profession at this moment.

In the early 1990s, Mihalik saw far more activity in the financial and lending sector than in the real estate sector. Working with AVP Associates Financial, he was directly engaged in the continuing monitoring of financial accounts, in some instances exceeding $70 million annually. Then, in the spring of 1998, after four years, Mihalik moved on and became the president of American Dream Financial. As a senior leader, Donald Mihalik steered at least $1.1 billion in consumer sales activity, worked proactively with operations and sales for increased performance and growth, and adapted to monthly mortgage lending habit change trend watches.

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